I joined the club in 2007. It has been a very positive learning experience among other like minded people. What makes Toastmasters special is the social and relaxed atmosphere and friendships established in a learning situation. Having completed the basic manual I have moved on to the advanced manuals. I am looking forward to the challenge.   

P.J. Gallagher


I joined Fingal Toastmasters in 1998. It has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Not only have I made wonderful friends at the Fingal Toastmasters club, I have added to my skills as a public speaker in so many capacities, being able to make more impact in front of an audience, while staying focussed, relaxed and enjoying the whole experience. I love presenting and speaking in front of groups and share much of what I have learned at Toastmasters with my clients, who come to me for coaching on overcoming their fear of public speaking. I would highly recommend Fingal Toastmasters as a wonderful club to join. The atmosphere is friendly, uplifting and is a terrific place to learn and develop in many ways. There are so many experienced Toastmasters in the club who are always willing to support other members in their personal and professional communication goals. It is a top-class club with top-class, delightful people! Thank you Fingal for the years of fun, laughter and support. 

Shiera O' Brien

I joined Toastmasters in 2005 and have enjoyed it from day one. I have held different committee roles, as well as completing a number of speeches. I have travelled around the world with friends to Conferences and had the opportunity to converse with a wide variety of people. Toastmasters International attracts an eclectic bunch, with a wide variety of interests, one of those being continual development. As well as meeting new and interesting people I have learned a lot about communicating effectively thanks to the guidance and knowledge shared by my club. Since joining Toastmasters people compliment me on my public speaking ability and confidence when addressing a group, both in college and work. I have also been chosen as a representative for a volunteer organisation I work with. Whether people identify you as a Toastmaster or not your newfound skills will speak volumes in any context.

Annette Kennedy